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About us

Who we are

Digital Distributors Centre has emerged as a focused and reliable distributor of IT infrustructure and services to SME's, Large Corporations and even the government.

We offer the most comprehensive portfolio of network services to provide ISPs with the crucial building blocks they need to continue delivering high quality data that will meet their users' demands.

We also have the network coverage in providing a reliable, responsive and secure end-to-end solutions to the government.

We are strategically located in Nairobi to ensure our distribution channels are ever active and we can meet the demands of our clients.




DDC mission statement is to sensitize and bring digital communication and usage to all from community level to international ICT platform. Digital usage in the form of Internet Application services, Communication, Mobile Telephoning and money transfers.



DDC Vision is to impact digital world to the remotest areas of Africa plus other parts of the world by providing communication to disseminate ,inform and activate execution of latest ICT technologies to enlighten the world at an affordable rate.

Our Profile

Digital Distributors Centre is an Application Service Provider (ASP) established in 2011. We offer Internet Services and a wide variety of IT products and equipment.
We specialize in
1. Fiber Connection
2. Wireless Connection
3. Wimax Connection
4. Dedicated (Duplex) Connection

International Services

These are point-to-point private line used by an organization to communicate between offices that are geographically dispersed throughout the world. As most of the companies in Kenya expand to global organizations, we DDC in conjunction with Liquid Telecom, provide the required infrastructure to enable their communication through data, voice, graphics and video, more efficiently, effectively and competitively.

Data Center

DDC uses Liquid Telecom's Data Center, a facility set up to provide physical environment that will ensure the day-to-day running of various communication equipments and application systems with a main objective of ensuring availability levels meet clients expectations at an affordable cost.
The Data Center therefore provides physical space for use by customers with hardware equipments that provide communication and application services to end-users.
Product Scope is limited to providing physical space; Server room floor/rack space, Sufficient Dual Input Power, Elaborate Security system and Sufficient CRAC - Computer Room Air Conditioning.

The product targets a global market focusing mainly on offer of hosting services in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and a host of International Telkom’s with need for POP Point of Presence solution. The Data centre is sold as a ready to use server room space with adequate and redundant power, cooling, fire suppression and security to ensure full time operation of communication equipments that run critical services to the end-users.

Access Networks Wireless

An Access Wireless Network is a network set up by using radio signal frequency to communicate among computers and other network devices. The product concept is to transfer data between devices using RF ( Radio Frequencies) by sending as much data as far as possible and as fast as possible.

We supply the following products from Liquid Telecom. A complete list of products can be found in our Products page.

Our services include a last mile internet services dedicated and wireless connectivity under secure and safe environment.

We are able to look after your needs on a local, national or even an international basis.


(a) The company targets Big Corporate and Cyber Café’s and Individuals SME’s as per the requirements.
(b) The company targets the fiber ready buildings and ensures that all the occupants are making use of the fiber
(c) The company ensures that Homes/Estates that are fiber ready are connected via ADSL and where fiber does not apply the company installs VL and Wimax.