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Wireless Internet Connection

Wireless Internet Connection

Digital Distribution Centre provides Wireless broadband for laptops and desktops with a strong and reliable signal. With this service you will download movies in minutes, and photos in seconds. Apps. Games. News. It's what you want, when you want it. Below are the details of our tariffs;

The installation fee is Ksh 13,000. This is a one off cost. Wireless (Wimax Radio or VL 5.4 or 5.8) depending on base station on site with a one month deposit waived

Client Requirements

1. Router in case you have more than one computer
2. Wi-Fi incase you require hotspot
3. Customized password
4. Support service 24/7
5. Hotline number 020-5 000 000
6. SALES ENQUIRIES 020-8029333

128/128 Kbps

  • Dedicated Internet Capacity (VAT INCL) (Favourable for home use upto to 3 users)

256/256 Kbps

  • Dedicated Internet Capacity (VAT INCL)

512/512 Kbps

  • Dedicated Internet Capacity (VAT INCL)


  • Dedicated Internet Capacity (VAT INCL) (Favourable for Cybers and medium sized companies)